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We believe Faith Life has a dynamic Praise and Worship band. 
Each member dedicates their talents to God.
 We love to spend time each service to allow God to move.
Faith Life has two different services that offer Praise & Worship time.
Sunday’s at 10am and Wednesdays at 7pm. 
Worship Leader – Pastor Novella Parke
Praise & Worship Band Members:
Pastor Novella Park – Worship Leader
Sherry Moore – Vocals
Linda Olds – Vocals
Angie Wilson – Vocals
Larry Wright – Vocals
Faye Rose – Piano, Vocals
Dan Rose – Bass, Electric Guitar
Thomas Martin – Bass
Emanuel Ramos – Acoustic Guitar, Drums
Manuel Matos – Electric Guitar, Drums
Max Schermerhorn – Guitar
Marvin Ramos – Drums
JC Nelson – Drums
Heather Ramos – Audio/Visual Assistance